A mighty craft – Headdress Tutorial

I’ve received so much positive feedback on my Bohemian Chic Wedding Headdress and my Sea Siren mermaid headdress, thank you!! I was even recently published in a book called Party Style. What an honor!

party style photo headdress

I thought, to thank you all, I would provide a tutorial on how you can make your own gorgeous Native American headdress! You don’t have to be crafty to follow these simple instructions, you just have to have fun, and most importantly, make it YOUR OWN!!

Here’s what the finished piece looks like, and the tutorial is below:


You can start with a costume headdress.  For this tutorial, I used one that I found on amazon.com.  If you want to invest a little more, try searching the internet, or you can even look on etsy.com.  The base headdress comes in lots of different colors, so the only limit is how creative you want to get!


I assembled some silk flowers in a color palette I chose, that included bright red roses, dark maroon roses, some lavender, and for a fun twist, on this one I added some succulents and an air plant!

IMG_1521 - Copy

You’ll also need something to cover the band. You can use ribbon, or burlap, scraps of lace, anything you can come up with that you think will look beautiful. For this tutorial, I chose a piece of fringe trim, like you’d find in the notions section of the craft store. This is usually used to border pillows as a decorative treatment, but I loved the neutral color, and the fringe texture. Perfect for my own personal design aesthetic!


To prepare the headdress, I removed the side strips of fabric, and the felt pieces that were stuck to the ends of the feathers. You can leave them on if you like them, but I wanted to keep my

palette limited in colors.  I tore some strips of fabric to make my own side strips in the colors I love.

IMG_1524 - CopyIMG_1525

Next, adhere the band, with hot glue or fabric fusion, and then it’s time to start adding flowers.

IMG_1531 - Copy

I always start with the largest flower, and then build from there. For large blooms, I just use one, but for smaller ones, I like to group them in threes, or singles.

Here are a few images in order, to show you how I layered in the different sizes and colors. I also used the leaves from the silk floral stems to add some drama and a sculptural element to the piece.IMG_1533 - Copy

Here are a few images in order, to show you how I layered in the different sizes and colors. I also used the leaves from the silk floral stems to add some drama and a sculptural element to the piece.

IMG_1535 - Copy IMG_1536 IMG_1537 - Copy IMG_1538 - Copy IMG_1539 - Copy

The succulent is a great pop, don’t you think?

Add from both sides toward the middle. For the center of my headdress, I chose this cute air plant from FloraCraft. It has a fun, fountain shape that made it perfect to be in the middle of my headdress!

IMG_1541 - Copy

To finish it up, I added in some leaves, additional ribbon scraps, and just for fun, a beautiful butterfly. I love butterflies!

IMG_1544 - Copy

There you have it, a gorgeous headdress. That wasn’t hard at all, was it!

IMG_1545 - Copy

IMG_1552 - Copy IMG_1560 (2)

Have fun, and remember, make it your own!  Your personal creativity is your only limit.

XOXO – Christie

PS: If you’re not the crafty type, but would love to own one of these beautiful pieces, we accept orders, and ship our beautiful designs worldwide.  If there’s something special that we can help you create, please contact us via our website: http://www.ritzyparties.com

Special thanks to:

Amazon.com (base headdress)

Shinoda Design Center (silk florals, ribbon and butterflies)

“Party Style” by Gemma Lynn Touchstone, for publishing the image of our beautiful Bohemian Chic Headdress

And to everyone who’s supported our work!


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