Elegant Saltwater Taffy Party Favors

These elegant Saltwater Taffy party favors are the perfect accent for an Under the Sea themed party.


You’ll need:

Green Saltwater Taffy

Purple Saltwater Taffy

1 Dozen Clear Cellophane Bags

Pink Tulle

Lilac Tulle

One dozen metal sand dollar charms

Gold Spray Paint

Thank You Tags


Place the metal charms in a box with sides, spray paint with gold paint, allow to dry, then flip the charms over and repeat on the reverse side.  Allow to dry overnight.

taffy charms painted.jpg


Combine the green and purple saltwater taffies in a large pile, mixing well to blend the colors evenly.  Add about 1 cup of the taffy to the clear cellophane bag, or until the bag is 2/3 full.  Cut 6″ lengths of pink and lavender tulle, and tie the bags closed.


Thread a thank you tag and the gold sand dollar charm onto the tulle, and secure well by tying in a knot.  Display on shimmery fabrics, with seashells, for a very bubbly and sweet thank you to guests!





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