Unique, personalized gifts for teachers

We love giving gifts in my family, and when it comes to the teachers we love and admire, there’s no one more deserving of our thoughtfulness.

Search the internet for cute teacher gifts, and you’ll no doubt find yourself in a rabbit hole for a solid two hours, poring through craft projects and “pinteresting” ideas. But let’s be honest; you’re busy, I’m busy…I’d just like to give a thoughtful gift that doesn’t take several hours and make a mess.  I also don’t want my gift going in the round file (aka the trashcan), in case our dear teacher doesn’t see the beauty in my rendition of her likeness made from pencil shavings and glitter glue.

I found an incredible resource for darling teacher gifts that are personal, thoughtful, affordable, and really, really cute! Expressionery carries a fantastic selection of customizable stationery products; and, bonus, my good friend Laura Kelly is one of their talented designers!

Browsing the selections on Expressionery.com was so much fun; there were so many cute options. I finally decided on this self-inking stamp that says, “Fantastic!”, and I personalized it with our teacher’s name, the grade she teaches, and the name of the school. It’s adorable.


Next, I customized a set of notecards for our teacher. This was so much fun! I brought my  daughter in to help; we had a great time choosing a hairstyle and color, skin tone, and even Mrs. Dion’s outfit, and the colors of her shirt, pants and shoes! (Of course we chose all purples and pinks, because Mrs. Dion loves those colors.)  The cards came out perfect!



A small pail of brightly colored candy and some jewel-toned mini paper clips gave the gift a little extra pizzazz, and I put it all in a darling vintage school bus, instead of a traditional gift bag.


Mrs. Dion absolutely loved her gift! She wrote us a thank you  note on one of the notecards, and said she really appreciated how much thought went into the present, and that she had never seen anything so unique! We’ve been seeing her cute stamp come home on our daughter’s homework. If you’re looking for great gifts for teachers, (or anyone, for that matter!), the Laura Kelly collection on Expressionery is the perfect place to find them!


The aforementioned concepts, product selections, and styled concepts are the creations of Ritzy Parties, Inc., provided as an official member of the Laura Kelly Design Team.






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